Busking, Brilliant Shows and Another Night In The Car

Hello again! It's been a little while. I figured a blog post to bring the internet up to date with my life was needed so here's whats been occurring in the last few weeks / months. I've been writing. Loads. I have a new tune in the final stage of a mix that will hopefully... Continue Reading →


A Night In The Polo

I'm awoken by a grunting Yorkshireman at 7.30am; an hour and a half after we'd pulled into a Buffalo Wild Wings car park in a vain attempt to grab a couple of hours sleep before completing our 570 kilometre through-the-night drive from Dortmund to Paris. A dull ache is behind my eyes, my mouth is... Continue Reading →

The Rough & The Smooth

Chris woke me up at 6.30 in the morning to move the car. On our walk back we were greeted by a cheery, passing cyclist shouting “hey guys!’ we turned our tired heads to see Mike (see previous blog) emerging from passing traffic, looking fresh faced; if anything better than the night before. Mike chatted... Continue Reading →

The Language Barrier

We arrived in Leipzig and parked the car as close to our AirBnb as possible due to a road closure. We finally found our room and by god it was beautiful. We had two rooms to ourselves for the first time on the tour and we had a jacuzzi bath which Brendan sampled and emerged... Continue Reading →

Berlin, Bratwurst & The Boiz.

I RELEASED A NEW TUNE THE OTHER DAY, PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO CHECK IT OUT! Anyway, back to the tour We’ve arrived in Berlin. The traffic is mental. Horns are blaring, we’re all screaming. We are going to die. 20 minutes later we arrived at our AirBnb for the weekend. To our dismay we... Continue Reading →

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