Travelling Friends, Stone Circles and Wow Burger!

We woke from our slumber at 10am where our host had prepared breakfast for us. It was a pretty solid spread as touring musicians go, with choices of cereals, fresh breads, juices and teas and coffees. Food always tastes best when it's free, so we filled our boots and had a pretty hearty carb orientated... Continue Reading →

Letterkenny, Castlefinn & Good, Wholesome Shows

I've been falling a bit behind on blogs. We're in Dublin right now and our days have been very full. We're staying a 40 minute bus ride out of the city centre so we're trying to not come back to the hotel during the day; therefore, I have had no time to blog! Sorry avid... Continue Reading →

GALway, GALLway and GARLway

I awoke to a panicked message from Brendan and Chris talking on the phone. All I overheard mid slumber was, "well yeah just get back here as soon as you can I guess, it’s 12pm now". I woke up like a lightbulb; checkout had been at 11am. We’d slept through two alarms, numerous texts and... Continue Reading →

Tetris, Touring and Tinder Gold

So it's been just over a year since the last instalment of The Grand Tour - mine and Chris Tavener's touring show that we're slowly taking around the world. Last time we did mainland Northern Europe and this time we're branching out to the Emerald Isle with The Grand Tour: Second Time’s a charm. We’re... Continue Reading →

A Night In The Polo

I'm awoken by a grunting Yorkshireman at 7.30am; an hour and a half after we'd pulled into a Buffalo Wild Wings car park in a vain attempt to grab a couple of hours sleep before completing our 570 kilometre through-the-night drive from Dortmund to Paris. A dull ache is behind my eyes, my mouth is... Continue Reading →

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